Fireplace doors
Made to measure


Once you mantle the IGNIF fireplace doors you will feel the difference straight away. Safety of usage, full control over burning fire and remarkable style. And these are just few of many advantages!


Fireplace doors

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Suited for every open hearth… and more.

In order to create a wide variety of fireplace doors, to match all shapes and types of open hearts, our designers set themselves bar high. As a result, we developed three unique models, each of them characterised by different looks and technical specification.

AD3 Doors

Dedicated to small and medium hearts. While keeping the same dimensions of the doors we increased the surface of the glazing – all thanks to the door frame construction based on a bevel. This model is equipped with the Clean Glass system specially designed to direct the air stream on the glass at the right angle to reduce smudges.

AF3 Doors

Designed for people who value unconventional looks. With built-in top or bottom air intake. Similarly to AD3 model, the door frame is made of 30 x 30 mm steal bevel.

AX6 Doors

Designed for hearts of above average sizes. In order to ensure solidity of construction and safety of usage, the door frame is made of a steel bevel 30 × 30 mm.
AX6 model has 4 independently regulated air inlets. The even distribution – two on the bottom and two on the upper edge of the door frame – provides an excellent supply of air to the heart during usage.

Technical specification

From the scratch

Many factors contribute to turning fireplace doors usage into a great experience. Apart from visual aspects, technical elements and solutions play a pivotal role. In order to achieve the goals we set ourselves, some of the solutions had to be developed from scratch.


Big or small… always ideally fitted.

While creating fireplace doors made to measure, we take into consideration all the various needs and desires of the user. It makes no difference whether your hearth is small or big, straight, semi-circular or designed for side glazing. Whichever model of the doors you choose, you will always get a product matching your needs and preferences.


Safety and reliability combined

Each model was created with safety and reliability in mind. It does not matter if you choose the AD3 or AF3 models, with frames made of an angular bevel, or AX6, where the construction is based on a profiler. Regardless of your choice, you are guaranteed that the doors will serve you for many years.

Air influx

Extremely simple, incredibly efficient.

Intuitive and effective air supply system allows you to easily adjust the amount of fresh air that enters the fireplace. From now on you will have far greater control over your hearth than ever before.

The glass


All models of the IGNIF fireplace doors in their base version are equipped with a 4 mm ceramic glass, resistant to long-term high temperatures.


It couldn’t be easier

The nightmare of every new purchase? Not at all. Specially designed for this purpose, mounting holes located on the back edge of the door frame, allow to install the doors in the open heart easily and in a matter of minutes. From now on, all you have to do is to set the doors in a right position, where they are supposed to be assembled, tighten the screws on both sides and seal everything with a glass cord. Thanks to this solution, the whole process takes no longer than 10 minutes and doesn’t require any drilling.

In case you want to enjoy the open hearth again, all you have to do is unscrew the screws, remove the door and delight on the undisturbed view of the fire.

Make it personal

Three models and so many possibilities

Design – technical personalization

How do you want them to be? You decide.

Which side do you want them to open?

Regardless of the model and the size of the doors chosen, you always make the final decisions. One of the first things you need to decide about is the side the doors are supposed to open to.
On special request, we can also install double doors.

Pyrolitic (self-cleaning) glass

Optionally, we can install self-cleaning glazing, which will allow you to enjoy a perfectly transparent glass a way longer, without having to clean it.

Doors closing automatically.

Automatically closed doors increase safety at home, which is particularly important if you have small children. You won’t have to worry about doors being left open – a specially designed system will close them automatically for you.

Ash pit drawer in the bottom part of the door frame

Owing to the ash pit drawer in the bottom part of the door frame, you can remove the ash quickly and easily, while still enjoying the fire. The drawer is mounted on special rails, which improve the comfort of usage greatly.

Design  – visual personalization

Elements giving the final looks


Deep black, rustic graphite or extravagant red. No matter the colour chosen, one thing is sure. The doors will always look stunning.

Handles and knobs

Amazing finishing elements matching the colour of doors or made of stainless steel or brass are just the beginning. “Cold” door handles, as well as knobs with a circular or square cross section will easily match the décor in your home.

Masking straps (masking grills).

Not all fireplaces are bricked up in a straight manner. This is especially the case of the older hearths. Nothing to worry about though – all our doors can be equipped with a masking grill, which is designed to hide the odds and cover the seal. The size of the masking element is for you to decide on.

Ornate mouldings

Modern aluminium or brass mouldings will give your ideal doors an individual character.


Choose the right one for you.

It can be adapted to any open hearth
Maximum length of a single edge 75cm 75cm Without limits
The construction of the door frame Angle 30x30x3 or 30x30x4* Angle 30x30x3 or 30x30x4* Profile 30x30mm
Air supply Top Top or bottom Top and bottom
Technology Clean Glass In the case of upper ventilation
Glass Ceramic glass 4 mm Ceramic glass 4 mm Ceramic glass 4 mm
Mounting method Expanding installation Expanding installation Expanding installation

* It depends on the size of the door